Why Graze Master?   Why now?

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    Del Ficke Shoots Straight...

    I am not the Graze Master™ but our family herd that is five generations in the making is and now we’re making some serious headway into a more holistic approach on our farm and ranch. Why? Because, it’s the right thing to do for my God, my family and the soil.   Read More...

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"We realized many generations ago that our key to success lies in the quality of our cattle and the level of integrity in which we do business."

Have you Herd about the movement?

  • Manure Masters

      The Egyptians worshipped them –the sacred scarab of kheper. Also known as the dung beetle – these masters of waste eat and make homes out of the undigested matter in animal excrement. They are precious princes of poop and when they are ample it means something very fundamental to all of life – nature’s cycles – are beginning to work again.   Read More...

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We Love Graze Master Beef


For Sale 

We have a select group of Graze Master Composite and Red Angus bulls for sale.  They are 100 percent forage-raised and ready to work for a living in your operation.  Contact Del Ficke at (402) 499-0329 for more details.

  • Sire Line Up

    FCCO Easy Money 901   1300675 The foundation sire of our Red Angus and Graze Master Composite programs! Easy calving and forage efficient, Easy Money's calves excel maternally and fit perfectly in low input, grass fed situations. A proven sire of consistent progeny.   Read More...

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