Why Graze Master?   Why now?

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    Del Ficke Shoots Straight...

    I am not the Graze Master® but our family herd that is five generations in the making is and now we’re making some serious headway into a more holistic approach on our farm and ranch.Why? Because, it’s the right thing to do for my God, my family and the soil.We’re getting back to our roots.  We’re doing things the way my ancestors did, my Grandpa, before industrialized agriculture.  We’re bringing back the wisdom of the past and weaving in modern innov...  Read More...

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We Love Graze Master Beef

We have a great selection of holistically-raised, fresh beef, straight from our farm to your table. Please contact me any time to arrange pick up or delivery at (402) 499-0329.   Our products are raised holistically, on grass and forages with a small ration of non-GMO milo. Raising our cattle is a labor of love and care.

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"We realized many generations ago that our key to success lies in the quality of our cattle and the level of integrity in which we do business."

Soil for Hope Consulting

“My approach is simple, approachable, professional and no-nonsense,”  
Del Ficke

No agendas, no cookie cutters – just common sense and practical business sense.

I work one on one. Your farm. Your ranch. Your family. I help you build from what’s in front of you. Together we assess the resources at your disposal and your personal and family strengths.

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