Graze Master Beef Ready for Pick Up or Delivery!

Thank you loyal Graze Master Beef customers for your support of our business throughout 2016. We have a great selection of holistically-raised, fresh beef, straight from our farm to your table. Please contact me any time to arrange pick up or delivery at (402) 499-0329. 

Our products are raised holistically, on grass and forages with a small ration of non-GMO milo. Raising our cattle is a labor of love and care.

Bulk Pricing:

Split Quarter:

· 4 NY Strip
 · 4 Filets
 · 4 Sirloins
 · 5 Ribeyes
 · 2 Arm Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 4 Chuck Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 2 Rump Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 1 Brisket (Approximately 1 lb.)
 · Ground Beef (Roughly 60-70 lbs of 1 lb individually wrapped packages)

$3.95/pound + processing cost (Approximately $150 charge for processing)
 *Approximately 200 lbs. per quarter


· 8 NY Strip
 · 8 Filets
 · 8 Sirloins
 · 10 Ribeyes
 · 4 Arm Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 8 Chuck Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 4 Rump Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 2 Briskets (Approximately 1 lb.)
 · Ground Beef (Roughly 120-140 lbs. of 1 lb. individually wrapped packages)

$3.95/pound + processing cost (Approximately $300 charge for processing)
 *Approximately 400 lbs. per half 

These amounts are based on the standard ordering of Graze Master Genetics. Based on personal preference, the amount may vary.


Individually Priced Items:


Sirloin $10.00/lb

NY Strip $13.00/lb

Filet $15.00/lb

Ribeyes $12.00/lb


Arm Roast $7.99/lb

Chuck Roast $7.99/lb

Rump Roast $7.99/lb

(Each Roast is approximately 2-3 pounds)

Additional Items

Ground Beef $6/lb

Heart $8

Beef Liver $6/lb

Tongue $8

Dog Bones $10

Ox Tail $5/bag


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