The Ficke Family Tradition

For the love of cattle and country . . .

Johann Ficke first laid eyes on American shores in the winter of 1860. He came to a country on the verge of civil war, but found peace on the prairie of Wisconsin. Johann left behind all he knew – the comforts of his family’s 200-year-old farm and the traditions of his native homeland in Germany.

Johann journeyed to Nebraska in 1869, liked what he saw of the open plains, and filed on a homestead a mile west of Pleasant Dale. When he plowed the rich soil for the first time, he set in motion a cyclical livelihood – a commitment to family, the land and animals that remains intact today.

And, while the Ficke family has farmed the same location since 1869, there’s one thing for certain – their first love is cattle and then the fields.

 In 1888, H.F. Ficke formed what is today known as Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics®. For nearly a century, the Fickes raised commercial cattle, primarily Hereford and Red Angus. In the early 1970s, they added registered Herefords to their operation to raise seedstock for their commercial cow herd.

 “The registered Hereford cows eventually replaced our commercial cows and we began selling seedstock in several states. For several years, my dad Kenneth marketed bulls for Pioneer Beef Cattle in Iowa,” says Del.

“This is when my dad began to see the benefits of hybrid cattle,” Del went on. “In 1984, the decision was made to use a composite bull from Schroeder Cattle Company of Palisade, Neb. on a group of Hereford cows. These first matings were the beginnings of our composite seedstock program that has been so successful ever since. During this time we were also moved to launch a more unique Hybrid line of cattle.”

 “The hybrid cattle we are producing today are time-tested and ideally suited for those raising cattle in the modern marketplace. They have been raised for market acceptance and forage efficiency. Our cattle must be fertile, functional and efficient. This is where our cattle exceed,” says Del. “They must be adaptable, consistent and possess hybrid vigor. Our females must breed in fifty days, raise a calf every year and basically be problem free. Our Registered Red Angus program follows the same set of rigid standards while utilizing some of the breed’s best genetics.”

Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics offers the industry the best of Red Angus and Composite cattle. 

We look forward to meeting you. Please join us as we continue to uphold and improve upon our Ficke Family Tradition.

Thank you.

Del and Brenda